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Although Amare Homes is not quite as big as the other housing developments spearheaded by Filinvest. When it comes to residential facilities and amenities, it does not disappoint. There are plenty of open spaces in the community that you will not at all feel cramped. In fact, many people actually prefer living in small communities like this since it fosters closeness between neighbors.

The great thing about Amare Homes is that it is small enough that the security team hired by Filinvest to guard the residents will not have a hard task ahead of them. There are guardhouses positioned at the entrance/exit gates of the community. You can also find several closed circuit TV cameras installed in each of them so the guards will know if and when a suspicious person ever comes into the compound uninvited.

Another safety precaution set by the developers is a high perimeter wall surrounding the entire community. The concrete walls surrounding the compound are high and topped with razor wire to deter would be intruders from taking a short cut into the residents’ homes. There is also a trench dug around the outside perimeter walls to make it even harder for intruders to gain ample foothold.

Aside from the security facilities, the roads crisscrossing the compound is quite impressive as well. Unlike other real estate developers, Amare Homes actually has roads that are designed to code, which means that the roads are more than wide enough for emergency vehicles to pass through uninhibited. In fact, the main road way is so wide that the developers had to put a center island (that serves double duty as a tree planter) to make the compound a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, even though there are no dedicated car ports for the houses, you can park your car on the side of the road while still having enough room for other vehicles to pass through. There are also overhead power lines and underground plumbing systems that provide the basic necessities to the residents. Again, you do not have to worry about living in the province because the area where the Amare Homes lie has high speed internet services. In addition, you can access plenty of cable/satellite TV providers, providing you with several options when it comes to entertainment.

The sidewalks are also wide enough that you can use them as jogging/running paths. There are also a couple of open and landscaped plots where you and your family can hang out during the afternoons and maybe have a picnic. Furthermore, there are a couple of playground equipment installed in these open areas so you can take your kids there. It is a good way to hone their socialization skills as they can play with the other children in the neighborhood. The great thing about living in a small community such as Amare is that all of these things are within walking distance.

Yes, Amare homes might be small but it is packed with different facilities and amenities that make it almost at par with the larger developments out there.

  • Family Lawn and Picnic Areas
  • Village Patio, Garden Kiosk
  • Children's playground
  • Guard Outpost
  • Wide right of way
  • Overhead Power distribution lines
  • Water distribution system
  • Underground drainage system
  • Perimeter Fence
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