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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Preciosa Townhouse ₱ 0 1st Floor: 22.57 sqm ± 2nd Floor: 21.60 sqm.

Total Contract Price: 958,000
Reservation Fee: 5,000
Downpayment: 92,926
12 months to pay: 7,567

Bank Monthly Amortization
15 years: 11,158

You should remove the stigma that it is not worth your while to relocate to the province if you already had a taste of living in the metro. That is not necessarily true if you live in the outskirts of the Metro, in provinces like Batangas. In addition, provincial cities like Tanauan are experiencing exponential growth these days, so you will not be really missing out on much. This is especially true if you can take advantage of buying a home in Amare Homes Tanauan.

Amare Homes provides prospective homeowners with quality homes, built using quality materials and designed efficiently so that you can use every square inch of space. Yes, you might need to live in a minimalist way up to a certain point but you have an assurance that the houses are not so small that you will feel cramped and suffocated the moment you step inside them. Additionally, there are still spaces in front and back that you can use for gardens, giving your house a personal touch.

However, the biggest selling point for the houses in Amare Homes is their prices. Where else can you find 2-storey, two-bedroom houses with space for a lawn and a backyard for just a million pesos? In the metro, a million pesos will not even buy you a modest condominium unit but in Amare Homes, you already have a home that can fit a small family comfortably for that money.

Now, if you want to have a place that you can call your own, but you don’t have much in terms of budget, you really need to check out the Amare Homes in Tanauan City, Batangas.

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